Contemplating Titan or Hello World

Supercomputers don’t live very long. They do their FLOPS and then they are disassembled again, leaving behind mountains of cooling elements that sometimes find their way into the community as curios or paperweights.

Then all of a sudden all of our contact with the world is filtered through technology. Friends and family, celebrations and events, everything is only visible by means of screens and monitors. And boredom breeds curiosity. Looking at the world through a Titan cooling element started as a joke. But by making the too familiar look strange and wonderous, creating new horizons and stages, it became a way to create new worlds and dream up new stories.

“Hello World” looks at ways to open up new world within the boundaries of a small space, mirroring the way in which technology can be used to create and connect, if only there is a will.

Contemplating Titan