Es wird nichts so heiss gegessen wie es gekocht wird.

“Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked” is a German proverb. It reminds you to calm down: don’t worry, it’s never going to be as bad as you may think now.

I have thought about this during the last four years while being told to calm down, not to be hysterical and not to politicize things. 

However, anybody with any knowledge of 20th century history should have been concerned. Nothing was more frustrating than the feeling of yelling into the void: How do you not see this? How do you think this is normal? How can you let this happen (again)? 

Boundaries have shifted, too many transgressions have been committed, too much ground has been lost. The ugliness is out there, the trespassing continues. While there is a ray of hope now, I wanted to document what I saw and what echoes and associations came to me during this time.

– Yvonne Dalschen, December 2020

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