Wonderland was the name of the hotel built in Elkmont in 1912, Wonderland is also what one enters when stumbling across the ghost town of Elkmont in the Smoky Mountains National Park. 

This is my journey down the rabbit hole of history, nostalgia and bewilderment.

Once upon a time there was Wonderland.

Its inhabitants were rich and powerful.

They took the train or the automobile to 

spend the summers in the cool mountains.

They lived in Wonderland, Society Hill, 

Millionaire's Row and Daisy Town.

Members only, of course.

A hero with deep pockets defended the realm 

when the National Park swallowed their neighbors.

He made a pact and gained them 

electricity so they could party on.

Then it became fashionable to fly to exotic destinations. 

And the next time around there was no hero.

The National Park banished the descendants 

and Wonderland fell asleep.

Fires started, roofs caved and trees grew.

Some things perished, some things revived.

Now travelers from far and wide may chance

upon their own Wonderland.